Ashford Hospital is well equipped, with the highest level of private critical care and neonatal care available for mother and baby in South Australia.

The Ashford Hospital Maternity Unit is located on the second floor of the hospital and includes our Labour Suites, Postnatal Maternity Suites and a Level 5 Nursery.

Labour Suites

Your Labour Suite at Ashford Hospital is spacious and comfortable. It features a multifunctional birthing bed and a variety of therapeutic comfort tools such as birthing balls.

Your Labour Suite is fitted with state-of-the-art technology, including a fetal monitoring system. The fetal monitoring system can be connected wirelessly so you can walk freely during the early stages of labour. It’s waterproof so you can labour in the shower if you wish. It also allows your Obstetrician to log-in to securely to monitor your progress any time during the day and night. 

The Suite also includes an ensuite, television, telephone and Wi-Fi. A kitchenette is available for you and your support person.

One Labour Suite contains a large spa bath for use in the early stages of labour however we don’t support water births at Ashford Hospital.

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Operating Theatres 

We perform Caesarean Sections in our ground floor operating theatres.

In consultation with your Obstetrician and Anaesthetist, we encourage your support person, who must be at least 18, to be in the operating room during the Caesarean Section. You can nominate up to two support people to be with you and they must follow the instructions of the Obstetrician, Anaesthetist and hospital staff at all times, including if there’s an emergency. 

Postnatal Maternity Suite 

Once your baby is born, you’ll move to a private Postnatal Maternity Suite. Your baby will stay with you unless they’re being cared for in the Nursery. We want to ensure your stay at Ashford Hospital is as comfortable and memorable as possible.
Your Suite has an ensuite, electric bed, television, radio, telephone, Wi-Fi and a call bell for assistance. Should you need support at any time, our Midwives are always here for you. In fact, a Midwife or staff member may come and check in on you anytime during the day or night. 

Your partner or support person is welcome to stay overnight. This is a beautiful opportunity for you and your partner to develop a close bond in the early stages of your new baby’s life. There’s a lounge chair that converts to a sofa bed for them to sleep on. Partners are welcome to order meals from our kitchen and they are complimentary throughout your hospital stay. Children are not able to stay overnight.

We recommend comfortable night wear for the evenings and day clothing at all other times. Please wear shoes to walk around the ward and hospital. 

Following a vaginal birth, mothers can expect to stay for three to four nights. Following a caesarean section, mothers can expect to stay four to five nights.

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Our Level 5 Nursery provides intensive support for newborns and babies born prematurely and those needing a little extra support. The Nursery is the highest level of private neonatal care available in South Australia and is staffed 24-hours a day with restricted access limited to authorised persons and approved visitors.

The hospital has the additional reassurance of on-site medical cover and an adult Critical Care Unit in the case of an emergency.


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