General Practitioner Information

Ashford Hospital hosts regular CPD events for General Practitioners.

For further information please contact Faten on 08 8375 5294 or

The referral process at Ashford Hospital is designed to facilitate admission to a Specialist and a private bed at any time. To find a Specialist, please refer to our Specialist Search function. To book an admission to any of our services please contact the following numbers:

Emergency Department: 08 8375 5205

24 Hour Chest Pain Unit: 08 8375 5205

Bookings: 08 8375 5698

The Ashford Hospital Specialist List can be downloaded from the link below.

Ashford Hospital Specialist List

Alternatively, you can use our Specialist Search function to find an accredited Specialist that regularly admits to Ashford Hospital. If you would like a printed copy of our current specialist list please contact our Business Development Manager on 08 8375 5285 or

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