The safety of our patients, babies and staff is our highest priority. Some of our classes continue to be available to view online, links are provided below.

Antenatal Education

(Available Online and Face to Face)

We have a range of maternity education and parenting classes for mums and dads. They include essential information about your pregnancy, the birth and aftercare of your baby, detailed below. All programs are held here at Ashford hospital or are available to view online.


2024 Timetable


Bookings are required for face to face sessions

You can book online HERE.

Educational videos

To access our range of maternity educational videos you can call 08 8375 5218, email or access the links provided below.

Health and Nutrition During Pregnancy

(Available Online)

We recognise the importance of supporting the health and nutrition of our expectant mothers and provide a Health and Nutrition During Pregnancy series, presented by our Ashford Hospital Allied Health team.

These sessions are available to view online:

Click here to view Health During Pregnancy – A Physiotherapy Approach online video (14:28)

Click here to view Nutrition During Pregnancy – What’s Important for You and Your Baby online video (14:30)

Click here to view Health During Pregnancy Brochure

Having and Caring for Your Baby

(Available Online and Face to Face)

When to attend / view: between 28 and 32 weeks’ gestation

This class will provide you with an overview of what to expect during labour, birth, your stay with us and tips for the aftercare of your baby.

We recommend you complete this program between 28 and 32 weeks’ gestation. The face to face session is held on Saturdays either between 9.30am-11.30am or 12.30pm-2.30pm. There is a capacity limit of 20 people per class (10 couples).

This program includes information on:

  • Active labour and birth
  • Pain relief options
  • Feeding options
  • Routine screening tests performed while in hospital
  • The role of the support person
  • Caesarean birth
  • Basic baby needs

We recommend you watch this video before attending your booked class: 

Click here to view Having & Caring For Your Baby online video (26:53).

Establishing Breastfeeding

(Available Online and Face to Face)

When to attend / view: between 36 and 38 weeks’ gestation 

This one-hour program is exclusively for Ashford Hospital expectant mothers and covers topics that will support successful breastfeeding. It is recommended that expectant mothers attend this program between 36 and 38 weeks’ gestation. 

This program includes:

  • Positioning
  • Attachment
  • Parental adjustment

Click here to view the Welcome to Breastfeeding online video (28:43)
Click here to download our Antenatal Expression Guide PDF

Partners Do Make a Difference

(Available Face to Face)

When to attend: when maternity patient is between 32 and 37 weeks’ gestation

First time partners may feel nervous but a little planning goes a long way into preparing you for this amazing role. Join other “Partners to be” to discuss early parenting, the role of partners and what to expect with your newborn baby. 

This is a two-hour session to be undertaken when your partner is around 32 to 37 weeks’ gestation.

Cost: $30 per partner to be paid on the day. Head to the hospital main entrance reception desk.

This program includes:

  • Benefits of being an involved partner 
  • Child development
  • Breastfeeding information
  • Settling techniques
  • Infant behaviours
  • Sings of illness

Postnatal Education and Support 

We understand that there are many things you want to learn about your new baby and our team of expert midwives are here to help you. 

Our Newborn Support service is available for you when you leave hospital, for up to 6 weeks post delivery. This service is available:

  • Tuesdays by appointment between 8am-4pm
  • Thursdays by appointment between 11am-4pm

To make an appointment or for more information call 08 8375 5218.

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