Ashford Hospital Development


Ashford Hospital commenced a $33 million upgrade on 27 December 2017, with the developments including:

  • More than doubling in size and upgrade of the Day Procedure Unit from 14 chairs to 30 chairs
  • New additional operating theatre and refurbishment of the patient recovery area
  • New six bed Chest Pain Unit
  • Refurbishment of patient accommodation and wards
  • Refurbishment of main entrance with new cafe, pharmacy and reception
  • Significant infrastructure and support services upgrades

The planning for the Ashford Hospital development was extensive. The development was designed to expand clinical services and facilities, improve the patient experience and assist the ongoing energy security of the hospital.

The development is progressing according to plan with many project milestones already achieved including:

  • An additional operating theatre, upgrades to existing operating theatres and recovery
  • Replacement of mechanical services (air conditioning) and upgrades to fire systems
  • Refurbishment of main entrance with a new reception area
  • Creation of new six bed Chest Pain Unit on the first floor
  • Creation of new Sacred Space on the first floor
  • Upgrade and expansion of Day Procedure Unit
  • Creation of new street front cafe on Marleston Avenue
  • Opening of new patient accommodation on the first floor, including a 24 bed ward ‘Unley’ ward

The project continues with patient accommodation upgrades still in progress. The development is expected to be completed by March 2020.

During the development project, some of the access corridors will be temporarily closed. If you are visiting the hospital please follow the hospital signage or ask our staff for directions.

The development has been planned to ensure that Ashford Hospital will continue to operate as normal during this time. The comfort of our patients and visitors remains our first priority.

The new main entrance includes the relocation of the cafe to a street front position on Marleston Avenue.

The new reception and patient / visitor waiting area has been transformed into a contemporary, fresh and welcoming environment.

The upgrade of the Day Procedure Unit is complete with a capacity of 30 chairs, more than double its previous size. The new facility is modern, light filled and spacious providing a first class experience for our patients.

Many of the patient rooms on the first floor have been redesigned and refurbished for optimal use of space and improved patient comfort. The accommodation upgrades are continuing.

The new Ashford Hospital Sacred Space is available for patients, families and visitors on the first floor, adjacent to the main lift near our Acute Cardiac Unit.

Purposely designed by an expert team in conjunction with our hospital Chaplain, it is a peaceful space to pray, pause, ponder, meditate, wait and hope.

A new six bed Chest Pain Unit, positioned on the first floor, has been constructed with state-of-the-art monitoring and assessment facilities for patients with acute chest pain or cardiac related symptoms.

Further information regarding our Cardiac Service is available here

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